• Use this card to bring back "Colossal Fighter". It will be able to bring itself back after being destroyed by battle.
  • This card can easily produce high-Level monsters; easy fodder for another Synchro Summon.
  • Use this card on any of your Synchro Monster when you have Level 1 Tuner such as "Turbo Synchron" to Synchro Summon another copy of the revived monster from your Extra Deck.
  • Use this card to Summon a Synchro Monster as a cost for "Synchro Barrier".
  • Use this card with "De-Synchro" to return the selected card to your Extra Deck. Then, Synchro Summon the same monster (or even a different one) back to the field. That way, it will have its original stats, its effect, and the ability to attack.
  • Combine with the effects of "Synchro Soldier" to bring back any Synchro Monster, effects and attacking capabilities brought back.

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