• This card works well in a Greed-based deck that increases the opponent's hand size and makes them pay for it.
  • You can Set this card on your first turn, then play "Book of Taiyou" to inflict 2000 points of damage to your opponent. Also, combine with "Book of Moon" or "Book of Eclipse" in order to recycle his effect.
  • This card is devastating against "Muka Muka" or "Slifer the Sky Dragon", as your opponent will be saving up cards in their hand to power either card up.
  • This card can be fatal if used with "Sasuke Samurai 3". You can also use cards like "Book of Moon", "Book of Taiyou" and "Tsukuyomi" to keep flipping this card up, dealing damage while "Sasuke" keeps increasing your opponent's hand (this can also cause him/her to be obligated to discard as a collateral effect, since the hand size limit is 6).

Traditional Format

  • In terms of sending cards to the hand, this card works well with "Giant Trunade".

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