• "Ronintoadin" can make this card easier to use; by Banishing any three "Frog" monsters in your Graveyard you may special summon three copies of "Ronintoadin" from your Graveyard to the field for this card's effect.
  • "Des Croaking", unlike many other "destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field" cards, does not specify that the "Des Frog" has to be a monster. Equip a Des Frog to a "Sea Lancer", and special summon 2 "Ronintoadin" for the 3 Des Frog Requirement, then Xyz Summon for "Gachi Gachi Gantetsu" for an open 2700 attack.
    • Similarly you could equip "Sea Lancer" with more than one "Des Frog". "Ronintoadin" and "Dupe Frog" cannot be used in this manner because they would lose their effects.

Traditional Format

  • Using "Substitoad", getting the condition met to play this card becomes easier. Combine with cards such as "Scapegoat" to Special Summon "Des Frog" or "Dupe Frog" from your deck, the latter counting as "Des Frog" while face-up on the field.

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