• If you have three copies of this card, "Terraforming", and "An Owl of Luck", you will have a maximum chance of having the Field Spell Card you want on the field, especially if you have three copies of the desired field spell.
  • As well as the above strategy, you can also include three copies of a monster that you can discard from your hand to search for a particular Field Spell Card, which most popular Field Spell Cards have (i.e. "Gravekeeper's Commandant").
  • Note that the disadvantage of this card to "Terraforming" is the activation condition. However, the advantage of this card to "Terraforming" is that it could throw your opponent's strategy off by activating the field spell during your opponent's turn. It will also protect the Field Spell Card from being negated when activated, as it would be this card that would be negated instead, leaving the Field Spell Card in your Deck and not in your Graveyard.
  • If your opponent uses a deck with "Frog" and "Monarch" cards, you can use this card early in the duel when they Special Summon a monster. Use it to activate "Zombie World" in your deck to keep the "Monarchs" from hitting the field (with the exception of "Erebus the Underworld Monarch", who is Zombie-Type).
  • If your opponent uses a deck that is able to swarm rapidly, you'll be able to activate this card easily. Then, select "Summon Breaker" as the Field Spell, which will limit the swarming ability of your opponent's deck. Add "Terminal World" as well to ensure that your opponent is forced to Summon only during his Main Phase 1, as "Summon Breaker" only limits the amount of Summons during Main Phase 1.

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