• You can substitute this card with "Icarus Attack", although if you are already playing 3, you can play "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" for extra destruction. The most ideal deck set-up would be a mix of this card and "Icarus Attack", as this card does not require that you tribute a monster and therefore you lose no advantage, whilst your opponent can lose up to 5 cards.
  • Alternatively, in a Blackwing deck, use "Icarus Attack" to destroy your opponent's monsters and this card to destroy your opponent's Spells and Traps, leaving your opponent with nothing at all.
  • Use this card during your opponent's End Phase to safely destroy all Spell and Trap Cards they just set, without your opponent being able to chain anything to it because they were just set that turn.

Traditional Format

  • If your opponent has a lot of set cards, use "Giant Trunade" to clean the backfield and make your move, then set "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" and next turn when your opponent sets again all his cards, activate it safely.

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