• Use this card with "Gladiator Beast Secutor" to use its effect without worrying about its low ATK.
  • Chain this card to "Heavy Storm", "Mystical Space Typhoon" or "Giant Trunade". It will return to the bottom of the deck instead of being destroyed/sent back to your hand, and your monsters and Life Points will be protected.
  • If your opponent controls a strong monster, you can cause serious devastation to your opponent's field by activating this card and attacking their monster with every Gladiator Beast on your field. They won't be destroyed, and you won't take battle damage, and you can send them all back to the deck to special summon any Gladiators that you need to.
  • Make sure to Special Summon a Gladiator Beast after the battle when this card is activated, if possible--when you swap out Gladiators, the Deck will be shuffled, putting this card closer to being drawn again, instead of being at the bottom of the Deck.
  • Activate Convulsion of Nature after this card to get the chance to play this card a second time.

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