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  • Equip this to "Lava Golem" after summoning it to your opponent's side of the field to weaken its ATK and DEF and for massive effect damage.
  • Though this obviously is useful against opponent's monsters, you can equip this card to your own Machine Monster and use "Machine Duplication" to summon two more at full attack.
    • Combine this tactic with Equip Shot to inflict massive damage.
  • Use this card in tandem with Mist Body (or any monster that is not destroyed by battle) whilst your opponent's monster is in Attack Position to get a nearly direct line to their life points.
  • This can help use the effects of monsters whose effects only activate when they destroy a monster by battle, such as "Fenrir", "Hydrogeddon", "Timeater", or Inferno. This is especially true for low-ATK monsters under this category, or when opposing a monster with overwhelmingly high ATK (ex. 4000).
  • This card is especially useful in a Blackwing Deck due to their potential for high piercing battle damage and the effect of "Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame". Use the effect of "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn" to combine the ATK of all your "Blackwings" into one, and attack the equipped monster.
  • Use this card with Thorn of Malice to create a weak monster that can be attack repeatedly that also burns your opponent on their own turns.
  • Combo this with Discord and/or Mask of Restrict to prevent the Equipped monster from being used as a Tribute or as Synchro Material. Be sure that this doesn't interrupt your own strategies though.
  • This card would best be used in a Karakuri deck, due to their "must attack" effect.
  • Effective in Venom Decks to help counter 0 ATK monsters who are remained unaffected by Venom Swamp or to remove high attack monsters from the field with a single Venom Counter.
  • Use this card in an opponent's monster while you control Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech to increase its attack, deal damage to your opponent and disable an opponent's monster.

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