• Many monsters that are useful to send to the Graveyard when Summoning this card include "Supay", "Night Assailant" and "Necro Defender".
  • "Final Attack Orders" and "Savage Colosseum" allow this card easily be Summoned, and then completely destroy your opponent's monsters.
  • Use Fiend-Type monsters that Summon other Fiends, like "Stygian Security", so your opponent will be tempted to attack over and over. This will help thin out your Deck and will always have your conditions met for this card's Summoning costs.
  • Lovely in "Ghostrick" deck, and to a less extent, "Dark World".

Using with other cards

Using this card with Continuous Trap Cards.

  • "Imperial Custom" will cause these cards to be even harder to get rid of.
  • "Tour of Doom" to prevent your opponent from Normal or Flip Summoning half of the time without suffering from the downside yourself.
  • "Light of Intervention" can be used to prevent Monster Set.

Traditional Format