• Note that the discard is part of the effect, not a cost. So if you discard a "Dark World" monster whose effect activates when it is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by a card effect, you'll get two benefits for the price of one.
  • In a "Dark World" deck, you can combine this card with "Evilswarm Nightmare", to stall your opponent when he/she Special Summon a monster, destroy that monster with this card, discard a "Dark World" monster and take profit of its effect.
  • This card can be useful if you think your opponent has a "Solemn Judgment" or other Counter Trap Card face-down, making suitable targets to destroy and then discard and activate the effect of your discarded "Dark World" monster. Your opponent would think twice to attempt countering this card.
  • Even in non-dark world decks, this can serve as a great card-removal card. Since the discard is part of the effect, you do not need to fear about having to pay the cost if this card is negated.

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