• This card can also be useful support for perfect Exodia Decks allowing you to keep at least more than one monster more out that what your opponent can.
  • Use in an Ice Barrier deck. You should have plenty of cards in your hand, and Ice Barriers have plenty of high-level monsters that this card can speed up getting out. If you discard "General Gantala of the Ice Barrier", then you can use his eff while it's still the end phase to get out another free Ice Barrier from your graveyard.

Traditional Format

  • A more simplistic combo would be to simply wait until you have seven cards in your hand while "Dark World Grimoire" and "Card of Safe Return" is on your field; like the combo with Card of Safe Return and "Manticore of Darkness", discarding a monster card due to hand size limit and summoning it with "Dark World Grimoire" will activate "Card of Safe Return", forcing you to draw a card and, in turn, discarding due to hand size limit again, creating a loop that allows you to swarm the field with powerful monsters in a single go.

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