• Although this card protects "Spirit Message" cards, "Destiny Board" is still vulnerable. To solve this problem, one can use the Spell & Trap Zones that the "Spirit Message" cards would have otherwise occupied, playing cards such as "Imperial Custom" to protect "Destiny Board".
  • Even if the coin toss is failed, if one controls a "Spirit Message" monster, "Spirit Barrier" can be used to reduce the battle damage to 0.
  • This card can be used outside of a Destiny Board Deck. In a Gambling Deck, this card's coin-tossing effect can potentially protect you from attacks and cause your opponent to suffer instead.
    • This card's potential Burn effect goes well with "Sasuke Samurai 4" in particular. If their Monster attacks, your opponent will have to worry about him destroying it, or being damaged by this card's effect. "Fairy Box", when incorporated into the combo, can make him almost untouchable.

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