• In a Zombie Deck, you can use "Call of the Mummy" to provide a constant flow of monsters to Tribute for this card.
  • Activate "Light of Intervention" and "Dimensional Fissure", then Tribute "D.D. Scout Plane" to Tribute Summon this card. As this card returns to the hand at the End Phase, "Scout Plane" is Special Summoned at the End Phase because it was banished when it was Tributed, due to the effect of "Dimensional Fissure". This way you will have a permanent fodder to this card's Normal Summon every turn. This combo also works with "D.D. Survivor".
  • This and the other Spirit monsters can easily counter the effect of "Light and Darkness Dragon". Since returning Spirit monsters to the hand during the End Phase is obligatory, "Light and Darkness Dragon" will negate it again and again until its ATK is too low.
    • When the first effect activates, "Light and Darkness Dragon" will be weak enough for "Dark Dust Spirit" to destroy in battle that turn, as long as at least one other card is/was negated.
  • This card could also be useful in a "Fire King" Deck, as it will destroy your monsters, thereby activating their effects.

Traditional Format

  • You can use "Ultimate Offering" to Tribute a monster and Summon this card in your opponent's turn, so, use it when your opponent attack a monster in your side, Tribute that monster by paying 500 LP to activate "Ultimate Offering" to Summon this card and destroy all of the opponent's face-up monsters, preventing the attack.

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