• Having multiples of this card active obviously boosts the overall effectiveness of harming your opponent, particularly when milling them, though with the downside of increased odds of all but the last one self-destructing with no way for you to stop it.
  • If used in a milling deck, this has a 2/6 chance to help burn through your opponent's deck faster and a 1/6 chance to remove a troublesome card. The extra chance that you draw a card is always helpful for you and the remaining two effects can be mitigated, as noted below.
  • When used while top-decking, you functionally ignore the main negative effect it has on yourself, a 1/6 chance to discard.
    • Alternatively, you can simply take advantage of that to put cards in the graveyard.
  • Combine with "Appropriate" to increase your odds of drawing cards.
  • Use "Dice Re-Roll" to avoid undesirable outcomes, most particularly the self-destruction of this card.
  • Use in a "Dark World" or "Fabled" Deck to take advantage of the first negative effect.
  • Use "White Dragon Ninja" to prevent this card from self-destructing with its last negative effect.
  • Counter this card from your opponent with "That Six" to force it to land on a negative outcome.

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