• If you can take the extra damage, using cards that increase the enemy monster's ATK, like "Rush Recklessly", will ensure you have a stronger monster to attack in your next turn, also widening the possibilities of what you can search for.
  • Combo "Hero Kid" and you could Summon 3 monsters for as little as 300 LP.
  • This card works nicely with "Turbo Synchron"; attack with "Turbo Synchron", and then use its effect to Special Summon one monster from your hand. Chain this card to the effect of "Turbo Synchron" and you can get two monsters for the price of one attack. This combo works even better if you have a face-down "Urgent Tuning" because then you'll be able to Synchro Summon.
  • This card is great in Gemini Decks as not only does it let you send monsters from your hand to the graveyard (where they will be easier to Summon twice), but can get you key cards at vital moments. For example:
  • Use this card to bring "Honest" to the field, and then return it to your hand.
  • This card works great with "Synchron" monsters, as it can search out almost any "Synchron" with minimal damage to your Life Points.

Traditional Format

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