• "Interplanetary Invader "A"" is a good card to use with this as not only you'll gain control of the monster who attacked it but you have higher odds of pulling out a strong reptile monster due to its 0 ATK.
  • An even better monster to exploit is "Reptilianne Naga". Not only can you reduce an opponent's monster to 0 ATK via Naga's battle, but since Naga also has 0 ATK, you can use this card to Special Summon a large Reptile monster from your Deck. Naga's End Phase effect, which forces it into ATK mode, also synergizes perfectly with this card.
  • Since you will often be using her to suicide into monsters to drop their ATK, Reptilianne Gorgon works very well with this card, too.
  • Enchanted Javelin can help ease the damage, as it does not directly negate it.
  • This card provides a simple way to Special Summon Worm Victory from your deck without Tributing.
  • If you take high enough damage and have a field spell, you can use this to Special Summon Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua.
  • Use "Hedge Guard" to keep you reptile monster alive and Special Summon a reptile with an attack at least equal to half of that reptile monster.
  • Use Imperial Custom to protect this card from card effects such as Heavy Storm or Mystical Space Typhoon.
  • Remember, this card also works when a Reptile monster on your opponents field battles you (via direct attack or otherwise).

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