• This card can work decently with Gemini monsters, especially with a "Supervise" on one of the Materials, since they are Normal Monsters in the Graveyard and "Supervise" will revive any Normal Monster in your Graveyard. Combined with this card's effect, two monsters are effectively used to Summon three.
    • "Dark Valkyria" is an excellent choice for this combination, as her effect can be used to take out an enemy monster, clearing the way for direct attacks before and after it is Xyz Summon.
    • This card and combo work especially well in "Gem-Knight" Decks, as they include potent Gemini monsters of their own and benefit from both powers.
  • Despite being a member of the "Gusto" archetype, this card is not a good choice for most non-hybrid "Gusto" builds. The desired effect of gaining an additional draw can be easily achieved with "Caam, Serenity of Gusto" for a lower cost; "Caam" requires two "Gusto" monsters in the grave whereas "Emeral" requires any 3 monsters for its primary effect. While "Emeral" is the more flexible card, the effect of "Caam" is better suited for "Gusto" Decks, as several "Gusto" effects require "Gusto" monsters to be in the Graveyard in order to activate, such as "Contact with Gusto".
    • In a scenario where 4 "Gusto" monsters are in the Graveyard, having two "Caams" on the field will allow yourself to draw an additional two cards, whereas Xyz Summoning "Emeral" will only give 1 additional draw. Additionally, lose out on more useful Xyz opportunities, such as "Lightning Chidori".
  • Use this card in "Ultimate Offering Gadgets". It allows "Gadgets" to be recycled in your Graveyard in their namesake combo, allowing near-infinite usage of Synchros and "Gadgets".
  • This card works exceptionally well in a Deck revolving around "Rescue Rabbit". It can not only reload your Deck with "Rabbit" fodder, lowering the chances of drawing dead copies of said card, but also help swarm your field, making even more Xyz Summons possible.
  • This card can be useful in "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"-centric Dragon Decks, because "Emeral" can Special Summon powerful cards such as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
    • This can become useful when trying to Summon "Thunder End Dragon". This card will be destroyed by that card's effect, but for two Level 4 Monsters and two Level 8 Normal Monsters in the Graveyard, "Thunder End Dragon" will be Summoned in two turns.
  • This card proves quite useful in "Wind-Up" Decks, as the searching power of "Wind-Up Factory" and "Wind-Up Magician" cause the grave to become full of monsters very quickly, making its ability very useful, as "Wind-Up Factory" can allow the cards to be searched back from the Deck, especially when combined with "Wind-Up Rabbit".
  • This card can be useful in "Vylon Element". Loop after all of your Vylon Tuners are used up; it helps recycling your monsters to Summon more monsters.
    • Make sure to also recycle any Equip Cards that is needed with "Vylon Matter".
  • This card works well in a "Lightsworn" Deck: if all copies of "Judgment Dragon" were milled before it could be Special Summoned, all of them can be returned to the Deck and probably draw it.
  • In "Psycho-Gusto" Deck, this card can also recycle any non-"Gusto" monsters that may be needed for second use in late-game stage, such as "Serene Psychic Witch", "Esper Girl", "Silent Psychic Wizard" or any Psychic Tuners that can be Summoned with "Emergency Teleport".
    • Compared to "Pot of Avarice", this card is more flexible to use due to several reasons:
      • This card only need three monsters to activate its effect, less than five from "Pot of Avarice", making its condition easier to fulfill.
      • This card's also a "Gusto" monster, which means it can also be recycled using many of its support cards, such as "Blessings for Gusto" and "Daigusto Sphreez".
      • While "Pot of Avarice" needed to drawn in order to use it, this card can be Summoned anytime when it is needed, provided there is the Materials on your field. It can also put your unused "Silent Psychic Wizard" for better use.
      • "Caam, Serenity of Gusto" is the perfect candidate for this card's Xyz Material, since she can be easily searched with "Gusto Egul" and also create a quick +1 (with her effect) before your Xyz Summon.
      • A better use of your "Gusto Thunbolt" can also be makes by using it for this card's Xyz Summoning, detach it, recycle it along with your other monsters that was chosen, and search it back with "Gusto Egul".

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