• This card is excellent when used on "Destiny HERO - Captain Tenacious". "Tenacious" becomes indestructible and becomes able to continually revive other "Destiny HERO" monsters every turn without fear of being destroyed itself.
  • If this is used on "Destiny HERO - Dasher" it reduces the danger the effect of "Dasher" places itself in after attacking, as even with the low DEF of "Dasher", it will not be destroyed by battle.
  • Cards that you should avoid equipping this card to where possible include "Destiny HERO - Fear Monger" (his effect activates when he gets destroyed, leaving him indestructible is just not worth it, if there are better targets like Captain Tenacious available) and "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander" (his entire existence is based on him getting put in the grave)

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