• Use this card to either shut down any strategy your opponent might have that is built around a certain type or to use it against him or her.



  • In a Gemini monster Deck, you can try this card with "Fire Formation - Tensu" to have all your Gemini monsters gain 100 ATK and more, allowing you to Normal Summon 1 Beast-Warrior-Type monster as an additional Normal Summon, that can be used to Gemini Summon.



  • If you wish to eliminate any support for Monster Types, declaring this Type should do the trick, as it has no support whatsoever.


  • Combo with "Dragon Capture Jar" to force all monsters on the field to be in Defense Position.


  • Combo with "Athena" to inflict 600 damage to your opponent each time a monster(s) is Summoned.


  • Combo with "Dark Ruler Ha Des" to negate the effects of opponent's monsters your monsters destroy by battle.



  • Combo with "Machine King", "Perfect Machine King" and/or "Machine King Prototype" for their ATK-boosting effects.
  • Declare this type, and then activate "System Down" to banish all face-up monsters your opponent controls. This combo can also be a nasty way to clear your opponent's field of any Pendulum Monsters they control, as well as getting rid of cards on the field that cannot be targeted (or be destroyed) by card effects, such as "Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons". It can also get around "Stardust Dragon's" effect, as it doesn't destroy; it directly banishes.
    • This combo is very good against any kind of swarm deck, as it undoes all of your opponent's hard work unless they counter it.




  • Combo with "Revived King Ha Des" to negate the effects of opponent's monsters your monsters destroy by battle.

Traditional Format

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