• "D/D Necro Slime" has an effect that can only be used in the graveyard, which makes it a popular choice for the target of this card's monster effect.


 Japanese nameProperty
Against the Windアゲインスト・ウィンドNormal Spell Card
Ancient Gear Explosive古代の機械爆弾Normal Spell Card
Ancient Gear Tank古代の機械戦車Equip Spell Card
Anteアンティ勝負Normal Spell Card
Assault Overloadバスター・バーストQuick-Play Spell Card
Axe of Fools愚鈍の斧Equip Spell Card
Berserker Soul狂戦士の魂Quick-Play Spell Card
Black Pendant黒いペンダントEquip Spell Card
Brain Research Lab脳開発研究所Field Spell Card
Burning Land燃えさかる大地Continuous Spell Card
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