• Select "D.D. Survivor" face-up for the effect of "D.D. Trap Hole", your opponent's monster will be banished but "D.D. Survivor" will return at the End Phase.
  • Equip this monster with "Big Bang Shot". You'll have a monster with ATK 2200 with piercing attack and, if "Big Bang Shot" is removed from the field, the "D.D. Survivor" will be banished but will return in the next End Phase.
  • Use "Shift" or a similar effect to make your opponent waste cards such as "Dark Core" on this card.
  • Using this card with the effect of Cyber Valley to draw 2 cards can practically nullify the cost as this card will be Special Summoned back to the field at the end of the turn.
  • Banish this card with the effect of "Caius the Shadow Monarch" to inflict damage and be able to recover the banished monster.

Traditional Format

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