• Use this card with a monster that needs to banish other monsters in order to be summoned (Such as "Gigantes"). You can get two monsters on the field this way, and still be able to Normal Summon.
  • Use to summon "Golden Homunculus" (or cards with similar effects that gain ATK or DEF for monsters removed from play) after playing "Inferno Tempest" to have them receive a strong power boost.
  • If "Macro Cosmos" or "Dimensional Fissure" is face-up on the field, you can discard a powerful monster from your hand and then immediately Special Summon it with this card, since that monster will be banished. Note that this can only work if you already have something that this card can Special Summon.
  • If your opponent happens to use "Bottomless Trap Hole" on one of your monsters, you can use this card to bring it back.
  • Note that whatever happens, the monster that you bring back with this card will no longer be banished, which can be useful to recycle some cards.
  • If "Necro Gardna" is banished, Special Summon it with this card. Then use "Evocator Chevalier" to get rid of this card, and destroy "Necro Gardna", allowing you to reuse it's effect.
  • This card works well with "Cyber Eltanin" or "Evil Dragon Ananta".
    • Monsters banished for the Summoning costs can be Summoned with this card.
    • The card discarded for the cost of this card can be banished to Summon the two above mentioned cards.
    • The monster Summoned by this card can be used as a cost for the above two cards.
  • Discard "Kuraz the Light Monarch" for the cost of this card while you have "Macro Cosmos" or "Dimensional Fissure" on the field, then target Kuraz and D.D.R. with Kuraz's effect. They will be simultaneously destroyed and you draw 2 cards.

Traditional Format

  • When used to Special Summon "Dark Magician of Chaos" you can return a duplicate of this card from the Graveyard to perform unlimited summons of the monster if it is destroyed again making it a substitute for "Spell Economics" and "Dimension Fusion" in the Dark Magician of Chaos OTK.

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