• If you have trouble getting 3 "Des Frog" on the field but have them in your hand, fuse them together then Defuse them and then use "Des Croaking".
  • Use "Foolish Burial" to dump a "Treeborn Frog", giving this card 3000 ATK at the least.
  • If you control this card, and "DNA Surgery" or "D. Tribe", Summon "Rescue Rabbit" and use its effect to Special Summon 2 copies of "Slime Toad" before activating "Dragonic Tactics" to summon "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and use them to Xyz Summon "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", "Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon", Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", or "Thunder End Dragon".
  • You can also use "Dragonic Tactics" to Summon "Dragon Core Hexer" and Special Summon either "Ultimaya Tzolkin" or "Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin".
  • If you already have 4 Scapegoat Tokens, activate "Dragonic Tactics" to summon a Level 8 Dragon from your deck. Afterwards, if your hand also contains "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", summon "Rescue Rabbit" and banish it to play two copies of "Alexandrite Dragon", then tribute them to summon "Galaxy-Eyes". Finally, overlay all 3 of them to Xyz Summon "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".

Traditional Format