• Activating "Future Fusion", selecting "Cyberdark Dragon and dumping the three "Cyberdark" cards will allow you to activate this and potentially getting you two "Cyberdark Dragons" on the field.
    • Alternatively, Fusion summon a first "Cyberdark Dragon" with "Polymerization", then return the three monsters into the deck and summon a second "Cyberdark Dragon" with this card, then finally sending the three monsters to the Graveyard to summon your third "Cyberdark Dragon" with "Future Fusion".
  • "Veil of Darkness" increases your drawing speed and allows you to send "Cyberdarks" and "Hunter Dragon" to the Graveyard, and use "Cyberdark Impact!" to Fusion Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" and recycle material for the next drawing phase.
  • Use "Black Salvo" to summon "Black Rose Dragon", clear the field, then use this card to have a clear shot for massive damage to your opponent.
    • You can then equip "Black Rose Dragon" to "Cyberdark Dragon".

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