• Use this card's second effect with "Mind Control" to banish the opponent's monsters.
  • This card works well with "Venom Swamp" since it can't be destroyed by its effect.
  • All three of this card's effects are greatly useful in an Exodia Deck. The extra draw and/or stalling options fit with the general strategy of that Deck, and the ability to return a card from the Graveyard to the top of the Deck will allow recycling of any missing Exodia pieces.
    • In a Hope for Exodia Deck, you can use this card to recover Hope for Escape, and if you have cards that allow you to instantly draw like Upstart Goblin, One Day of Peace, etc, you can get it right away to use it again.
      • Although if the recycling purposes are the main use, there are better cards available with less harsh requirements like the Spell Card A Feather of the Phoenix which only sends one card as a Cost to the Graveyard instead of being banished. Still keep in mind that this card has two more effects that can be used in different situations.
  • Use this card with "Necroface" to draw 2 cards and banish 5 cards off both players' Decks in one move.
  • In a Fortune Lady Deck, use this card's third effect to banish any Fortune Lady from the hand to add a powerful card to the top of the Deck, then follow up with "Fortune's Future" to obtain that card (as well as a second card) and to return the Fortune Lady to the Graveyard.
  • In a psychic deck, banish "D.D. Telepon" for the second effect of "Cyber Valley" to draw two cards and get a search for a net +1.

Traditional Format

  • After playing "Return from the Different Dimension" to bring this card and other monsters back to the field and attacking, use this card's second effect to banish the doomed monsters and draw.
  • When used in an Exodia Deck, this card can give a win on the first turn when combined with "Spell Economics", "Dimension Fusion" and "Machine Duplication". Summon "Cyber Valley", then activate "Machine Duplication", Summoning two others from the Deck. Activate the effects of two of the copies of "Cyber Valleys" to draw two cards, then activate "Spell Economics" and "Dimension Fusion", Summoning them back. Then activate the effect of the last copy of "Cyber Valley" to get back "Dimension Fusion". Repeat the process until all of the pieces of Exodia are drawn.
  • This card works great in a Diamond Dude Turbo Deck. Have this card and "Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude" on the field, then banish "Cyber Valley" and a strong in-hand monster from the game to put a "Dimension Fusion" in the Graveyard on top of the Deck. Use the effect of "Diamond Dude" and activate "Dimension Fusion" for free next turn.

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