Card Tips:Cyber End Dragon

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  • For an OTK, set "Micro Ray" on the field, then Fusion Summon this card. Use "Micro Ray" to lower your opponent's monster's Defense to 0. Play "Limiter Removal" if you didn't play "Power Bond", and do a full 8000 points of damage.
  • You can also use "Power Bond" to Fusion Summon this card and play "Limiter Removal" to have a monster with 16,000 ATK for another OTK.
  • "Mystik Wok" works well with "Cyber End Dragon", especially if it has had its ATK increased by "Power Bond" and/or "Limiter Removal".
  • Use "Power Bond" to summon this card and then Tribute "Cyber Kirin" so that you take no damage.
  • If your Fusion Materials are in the Graveyard, use "Polymerization" or "Power Bond" and "Cybernetic Fusion Support" together to easily summon this card. (Be careful if you use "Power Bond", as you must be cautious of its final effect.)

Traditional Format

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