Traditional Format/OCG

  • Use this card to Special Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", then activate "Megamorph" for a 9,000 ATK monster as your Life Points are lower than your opponent after 5000 Life Points is paid. This is commonly known as the Cyber-Stein OTK.
  • After using this card's effect, equip it with "Moon Mirror Shield" so that it will overpower the Monster that battles it.
  • A total lockdown can be performed with a Link Monster like "Decode Talker" on your field, and this card and "Forbidden Dress" in your hand. While you control a Link Monster with bottom left and right Link Markers, this card, and "Naturia Exterio", use this card's effect to Special Summon "The Last Warrior from Another Planet". When that Monster's summoning effect activates, use "Forbidden Dress" on "Naturia Exterio", so that it will not be destroyed. For the rest of the Duel, your opponent will be unable to summon Monsters or activate Spell/Trap cards without having to watch them being destroyed.
  • "Naturia Exterio" is a fairly powerful monster that can be Summoned with this effect, and grants yourself protection from your opponent's harmful Spell and Trap Cards like the aforementioned "Magic Cylinder". In addition, it is fantastic for protecting cards like "Brain Research Lab" or "DNA Surgery" if the method mentioned above is used to circumvent the cost of the effect.
  • Use this card's effect to summon "Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon", returning one of your opponent's Attack Position Monsters to their hand.
  • "The Last Warrior from Another Planet" is a very powerful Fusion Monster, and it can be Summoned with the effect of "Cyber-Stein" to prevents your opponent from Normal, Flip, or Special Summoning any monsters. Play "Light of Intervention" to create a Summoning lockdown with "Last Warrior".
    • Afterwards, you can select "Last Warrior" via "Last Turn", preventing your opponent from Special Summoning a Monster through its effect.
  • Use "Life Absorbing Machine", to regain the half of paid Life Points.
    • Use two copies to regain all the cost.
  • Use this card in Machine-Type Deck such as "Geargia" or "Karakuri" to OTK your opponent as both or these Deck can Xyz Summon "Gear Gigant X" very quickly to search for this card. Special Summon "Naturia Exterio" as to counter opponent's Spell Card or Trap Card.
  • To avoid using up your Normal Summon, Special Summon this card with "Magnet Circle LV2". This way, you can then Tribute this card for another monster to save yourself Life Point damage if your opponent can't be defeated that turn.
  • This card itself is very weak. Try to protect it with Traps, or make it stronger with Spell Cards, because if your LP are very low after using its effect and your opponent survives, they might finish this Duel by destroying this card. "Cyber-Stein" could also be Tributed for the effect of "Crush Card Virus" after using its effect, so there won't be any vulnerable should your opponent survive your attack.

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