• This can work great as one of the cards you pick for "Magical Hats". Once it's destroyed, you'll be able to use its effect on your opponent's monster(s).
  • Use "Reverse Trap" with this card to turn any ATK decrease into an increase if used on your own monster(s).
  • When paired with "Ojama Trio" you should be able to effectively take down some very strong monsters by battle, and then have the ability to equip this to an "Ojama Token" to keep this card on the field.
  • This card can work well when you have "Splendid Rose" on your side of the field, allowing you to deal some damage, and possibly destroy at least 2 monsters in the same turn.
  • Using "Thorn of Malice" on your own monsters can compound the ATK decrease of your opponent's monsters and allow you to deal heavy damage with multiple monsters on the same turn.
  • You can simply set this card to use as a bait card (for an example of another bait card, see "Bait Doll").
  • If your opponent has swarmed the field, this card can be a very effective anti-swarmer by allowing you to destroy one weakened monster in a row after another.
  • This card works well when you control monsters that can attack twice (see the list of Multiple attackers), as you can use this card on one of your opponent's monsters that one of the aforementioned cards can attack, which yours will then destroy, and then can repeat the process by bringing back this card to weaken your monster's second target.
  • This card can serve as bait for you opponent's Spell/Trap removal by setting it face-down.
  • You can use this card as target for "Release Restraint Wave", since this card would be destroyed at the same time as your opponent's Spells/Traps.
  • "Scapegoat" alone will drain the equipped monster by 2400 ATK.
  • Since this card's effect depends on the amount of monsters you control, it's best to equip United We Stand to a monster you control. By doing this, you can increase the difference between your monster's and your opponent's ATKs.
  • If your opponent has more than 1 monster, equip one of them with this card, and Xyz summon "Number 103: Ragnazero". Destroy the equipped monster with Ragnazero's effect, drawing a card, and equipping this to another monster. As soon as the next turn starts, Ragnazero can them destroy that monster, allowing you to draw another card.

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