• Use on a tuner.
    • Best used on a Synchro monster that is a tuner.
  • This card is best used when your opponent controls a monster with a negative effect that you do not want them to get rid of:
  • Use this card on "Lava Golem" to keep it on the field so it can deal further damage to your opponent.
  • Use a card like "Creature Swap" or "Mystic Box" to give your opponent "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction" without Xyz Material, then activate this card. "Acid Golem" will be stuck on their field and continue to deal heavy damage to the opponent during each of their turns, while its own effect prevents it from attacking.

  • This card is also useful when your opponent controls a weak monster whose effect is geared around quickly getting it on and off the field:
    • Activate when your opponent Summons a Tuner monster, making them unable to Synchro Summon with that Tuner. This will likely make that Tuner useless, as most Tuners only have effects geared specifically toward easy Synchro Summons. Additionally, since most Tuners have low stats, this can provide an opportunity to inflict a lot of damage to the opponent.
    • Use when your opponent Special Summons "Treeborn Frog" for a similar outcome.

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