• This card can help create a double Xyz Summon tactic. First, Summon "Cyber Dragon" or "Vice Dragon" via their effects, then Normal Summon "Goblindbergh"/"Tin Goldfish", which then allows yourself to Summon "Armageddon Knight". Use "Armageddon Knight" to dump "Curse of Dragon" into the Graveyard, then overlay "Goblindbergh"/"Tin Goldfish" + "Armageddon Knight" to Summon "Daigusto Emeral". Have "Daigusto Emeral" revive this card, then finally overlay this card and "Cyber Dragon"/"Vice Dragon" to Summon a Rank 5 monster like "Number 61: Volcasaurus", granting two Xyz Monsters in one turn.

Traditional Format

Video Game

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