• Use this card to Special Summon "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" from your Deck. This will Special Summon all Crystal Beasts from your Spell & Trap Card Zone.
  • Use this combo after using "Crystal Blessing", to retrieve two Crystal Beasts from your Graveyard.
  • Use the above two combos with two Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus to search out an additional 2 Crystal beasts, allowing you to get at least 4 different crystal beasts (assuming you did not already activate the effects of Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus the first time around, in which case you would have 6 crystal beasts).
  • If your opponent uses this card, you can counter it just leaving him with less than 2 Crystal Beasts in his S/T zone. Having 2 Crystal Beasts is not an activation requirement, so the card will be wasted.

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