• By using "Cry Havoc!" in a Deck containing powerful Level 4 Normal Monsters, "Tune Warrior", "Genex Controller", "Heart of the Underdog", "Ultimate Offering" and having "Dark Strike Fighter" in your Extra Deck, you can create a powerful combination. "Heart of the Underdog" will allow you to keep draw Normal Monsters until you hit a Spell or Trap Card. With "Cry Havoc!" and "Ultimate Offering", you can keep summoning monsters from your hand. First, Synchro Summon a "Dark Strike Fighter", next summon a monster by using "Cry Havoc!" or "Ultimate Offering" via paying 500 Life Points or removing a monster from your Graveyard. Then, Tribute the monster with the effect of "Dark Strike Fighter". And repeat. Sometimes, it can result in an OTK.
  • Using the above strategy, "Soul Absorption" can help offset the cost for "Ultimate Offering".
    • Since this card's effect is not once per turn, just using its effect on its own can give you a field full of monsters.
  • This card can be great used with "Leviair the Sea Dragon". By that way, you can at the same time Summon monsters with this card and banishing monsters, which you can later Special Summon with "Leviair's" effect.

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