• This monster can be helpful when facing a Dragon-Type Deck. It's easily Summoned, being a Level 8, and has an ability to prevent your opponent from Summoning Level 5 and higher monsters during their next turn. By powering it up with any number of Warrior-Type support cards, a "Hopeless Dragon" Deck can easily be overpowered.
  • A good Warrior-Type support card to use is "Magnum Shield", as it will increase the 2800 ATK of "Crimson Blader" by 2600, totaling at an immense 5400 ATK, which can get over virtually any monster in the game, assuring that its effect will go off.
  • The above rings true also for many "Instant Synchro" Decks, as nearly all Synchro Monsters that will be Summoned are Level 5 and higher, which can severely limit your opponent's ability to counterattack.
    • The above is also true when facing "Monarch" Decks, as the "Monarch" cards are all Level 5-6, completely preventing any kind of attack.
  • This card skill will shut down "Qli" Deck, as all "Qlis" are Level 5+ (they become Level 4 if the are not Tribute Summoned).

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