• This card can be useful when Summoning "Destiny HERO - Plasma" or any other card that needs 1 or more tributes.
  • Before you summon "Cosmic Compass", activate "Ojama Trio" so that your opponent has 3 Monsters on the Field. This should give you at least 3 Pendulum Tokens.
  • This card is useful against Decks that can quickly swarm the Field.
  • If you can get at least 3 Pendulum Tokens on the field and keep them on the field, you can tribute them to summon "Beast King Barbaros" or "Gilford the Lightning" and clear your opponent's field with their effects.
  • If your opponent has at least two monsters on their side of the field, use Cluster Pendulum to summon tokens and special summon "Quickdraw Synchron". Synchro Summon "Junk Destroyer" and destroy three cards on the opponent's side of the field for card advantage.
  • This combo can go through one of two ways. Either 1; you activate "Token Sundae" after you summon this monster while your opponent has 2 or more monsters. Using the spell card can wipe out your opponent's monsters. 2, after you summon this card and your opponent has 2 or more monsters, activate "Token Stampede" to give all your tokens invulnerability to being destroyed by battle and gives them a 1000 ATK boost. Then activate "United We Stand" to give one of them at least a 2400 ATK boost; 800 for "Cosmic Compass" and 800 for each token.

Traditional Format

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