• Note that even though these tokens cannot be Tributed outside of Tribute Summons, they can be used for card effects such as "Destruct Potion" and "Scrap Dragon", as well as for a low level Synchro Summon.
  • This card can work wonders for an "Egyptian God" or "Wicked God" Deck or any Deck that runs monsters that have effects that activate when Tribute Summoned with 3 Tributes, such as "Beast King Barbaros". Cards that can revive a previously destroyed Xyz monster will make this even more efficient (Like Heraldic Beast Unicorn, or the more generic Xyz Reborn)
  • Use this card on an Xyz monster with lots of ATK pts, and combine with Half Shut on an opponent's monster: that is enough to cause game ending damage.
  • Activate this after you summoned Number 22: Zombiestien or Number 32: Shark Drake for a massive offense tactice

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