• This card goes well with "Safe Zone". The longer "Chaos" stays on the field the more opportunities you get to benefit from its effect and "Safe Zone" makes "Chaos" invulnerable. In addition, "Chaos" can use its effect to stop any card effect that would destroy "Safe Zone" (e.g. "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress", "Evolsaur Diplo"). Also, if your opponent has no more monsters, you can use the effect of "Chaos" to negate "Safe Zone" and attack directly.
  • Since this card is also a LIGHT monster while face-up on the field, you can increase this card's attack further with "Honest" or recycle a DARK or LIGHT Warrior with "Chaos Seed".
  • Use this card's effect on "Vanity's Emptiness" on your turn to allow you to Special Summon.
  • Perhaps using the effect of "Gale Dogra" can set up an easier way to Summon this card with "Miracle Fusion".

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