• Chain "Imperial Iron Wall" to "Common Charity", and you can keep your monster. Better yet, chain together multiple "Common Charity" cards with an "Imperial Iron Wall" at the end so you only need to reveal one card in your hand. Just make sure you activate "Imperial Iron Wall" at the END of the chain, otherwise you won't be allowed to activate "Common Charity" at all.
  • Use this card in an "Infernity" deck, since you can quickly discard your hand.
  • This card does not work with Gemini monsters. They are only treated as Normal Monsters on the field (until they are resummoned) and in the graveyard.
  • This works also with in a "Gem-Knight" deck.
  • This card is compatible with virtually any deck that also uses "Heart of the Underdog". That card will make it much more likely for you to have a normal monster to dispose of at the resolution of this card. Although having both cards in the deck will help thin it faster, these two cards cannot be chained with one another.

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