• Due to the relatively low ATK of most "X-Saber" monsters, this card can be helpful in getting the most out of using an "X-Saber" Deck.
  • While having "XX-Saber Faultroll" and "XX-Saber Fulhelmknight" on the field, you can Tribute "Fulhelmknight", then bring it back with "Faultroll", essentially Summoning "Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster" with no cost. This is quite a good Summoning technique, if you have already negated an attack with "Fulhelmknight" because you regain its effect and it can negate one more attack.
  • This card would be ideal to Summon with "Soul Exchange", you would get rid of one of your opponent's monsters and give a power boost to your "X-Saber" monsters at the same time.
  • Use "Mist Body" to ensure that "Gottoms" remains on the field to continue to give your monsters a boost.
  • This card can counter "Burden of the Mighty" for Level 4 or lower "X-Sabers".

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