• If your field is empty, "Command Knight" should be put in defense mode since her 1900 DEF are superior to the 1600 ATK points she would have on the offense.
  • If there are multiple "Command Knights" on your field at the same time, none of them can be attacked, and they provide each other with additional ATK.
  • Set a "UFO Turtle" while there is a face-up "Command Knight" on your field. If your opponent destroys it, Summon a second "Command Knight" for a lock and two 2000 ATK monsters.
  • Alternatively, when your opponent destroys another of your monsters while "Command Knight" is face-up on the field, activate "Soul Rope" to Special Summon another "Command Knight", creating a lock.
  • Play this card in an "Elemental HERO" Deck to seriously boost your offensive capabilities.
  • "Command Knight" is also superb with "Ultimate Baseball Kid". Not only will it boost the ATK of "UBK" by 1,000 points, it will supply an extra 400 since "UBK" is a Warrior-Type. Three "Command Knights" and one "UBK" will yield three monsters with 2,400 ATK and an "UBK" with 4,700 ATK.

Traditional Format

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