Traditional FormatEdit

  • Traps and Spells, generally, are used to gain the upper hand on an opponent. Since this card prevents either from being used for a while, your own included, it's best to use this card only when you already have dominance over the field, to keep your opponent from springing a surprise on you.
  • Combo this card with Spells/Traps that rely on being sent to the Graveyard/banished("Waking the Dragon", "Z-ONE", etc.), since they do not activate.
    • This also means that "Cold Wave" can be splashed into an "Artifact" Deck.
  • If you combine this card with a card effect that will negate your opponent's monster effects, you can maintain total control of the field for a turn. Useful cards could include "Destiny Hero - Plasma", "Dark Ruler Ha Des" or "The End of Anubis" (the latter two are most useful if the opponent's monster cards activate in the Graveyard).
  • This card is a must have for a "Gladiator Beast" Deck, as their key cards are vulnerable to removal.
  • This card is useful when swarming the field with "Blackwing"s.
  • This card would be useful while running a Stall Direct Attack Deck, which you may simply attack directly without the worries of Set cards.
  • While you can't do anything before activating this card, Trap Cards on the field as well as Quick-Play Spells on the field or in your hand can still be chained to its activation.
  • Activate "Non Aggression Area" during your Standby Phase to completely lock your opponent from anything except attacking with monsters on their field.
  • Typically this is an essential choice when beginning a One Turn Kill as it shuts down your opponent's options to defend.