• By placing the Ice Counter on this card, you can ensure that it retains its ATK boost as long as it remains on the field.
  • Use "Forced Requisition" with this card to make your opponent discard cards each time you activate its effect, while also raising this card's ATK.
  • Discard "Volcanic Scattershots" to inflict 500 damage to your opponent, while also increasing this card's ATK.
  • This card combos well with "Volcanic Shell". By discarding one, you can use its effect to bring another from your Deck, and potentially raise this card's ATK to a respectable 2500.
  • Use this card to discard WATER Attribute monsters, then banish them to Special Summon "Aqua Spirit".
  • Discard several cards to place Ice Counters on each of your opponent's monsters, then use "Big Wave Small Wave" to summon "Ice Master" and destroy them. Alternately, you can summon "Ice Master" without the use of another card if you have another WATER monster out.
  • The card "Snowdust Giant" works well with this card, putting Ice Counters equal to the amount of WATER Monsters in your hand when summoned on face-up monsters on the field. Place all ice counters on "Snowdust Giant" to ensure that the ice counters survive.

Traditional Format

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