• This card can be used in the Gallis the Star Beast FTK. If this is sent to the grave using "Gallis the Star Beast's" effect after you have set up the FTK then you have won because it will always return to the deck and ensure there will be a monster on top of your deck.
  • Be careful as this card's effect is mandatory, meaning that you can accidentally lock yourself down with it. For example, if this is the only card you control and your opponent has a monster with enough ATK whose effect requires you to discard a card when it damages you (such as "Don Zaloog" or "X-Saber Airbellum"), then you will be forced to continuously put this card on top of your Deck, preventing you from drawing anything to escape the lock.
  • Can be used in a Lightsworn deck as a mill fodder.

Traditional Format

Video Game

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