• You can use "Forbidden Chalice" to return this card's original ATK back to normal, plus 400 for a turn.
  • If you currently control 2 level 4 Beast-Warrior type monsters, you can activate this card's effect to Xyz summon into a generic Xyz Monster requiring 2 level 8 monsters.


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Abare Ushioni暴れ牛鬼Effect MonsterEARTH12001200
Assault Beastバスター・ビーストEffect MonsterEARTH19001200
Battle OxミノタウルスNormal MonsterEARTH17001000
Beast-Warrior Puma野獣戦士 ピューマンEffect MonsterLIGHT16001000
Beaver WarriorルイーズNormal MonsterEARTH12001500
Boar SoldierボアソルジャーEffect MonsterEARTH2000500
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear暗炎星-ユウシEffect MonsterFIRE16001200
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar孤炎星-ロシシンEffect MonsterTuner monsterFIRE11001400
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Buffalo殺炎星-ブルキEffect MonsterFIRE17001000
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Caribou猛炎星-テンレイEffect MonsterFIRE11002000
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 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeATKDEF
Coach King Giantrainer熱血指導王ジャイアントレーナーXyz Monster
Effect Monster