• An easy way to get all 3 "Smoke Balls" to the field is this: First, Summon "Cloudian - Turbulence", then use 1 Fog Counter to get out 1 Smoke Ball, then use "Fog Control", tribute the "Smoke Ball" to put 3 Fog Counters on "Turbulence", then remove all Fog Counters on it to call out all 3 "Smoke Balls" to swarm the field.

Traditional Format

  • This card proves to be very useful in Synchro-based Cloudian Decks. Use the above tip to summon all 3 copies of "Cloudian - Smoke Balls" with ease while "Fishborg Blaster" is in your Graveyard. Discard a card to Special Summon "Fishborg Blaster", then Synchro Summon "T.G. Hyper Librarian" using "Fishborg" and "Turbulence". Discard another card to Special Summon "Fishborg Blaster" again, and then Synchro Summon 3 copies of "Formula Synchrons" using the "Smoke Balls".

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