• This card can be useful on Synchro Summoning "Black Rose Dragon", "Scrap Dragon" or "Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing, as they will not be destroyed by their own effects.
  • This card can be handy in a "Junk" deck. Not only can it be easily summoned by "Junk Synchron's" ability, due to being Level 2, but its effect activates in the Graveyard, negating "Junk Synchron's" drawback, plus it can help bolster the properties of the "Junk" Synchro Monsters to make them more durable.
  • This can help in the summoning of "Enlightenment Paladin", giving it a stronger defense, allowing it to bypass several cards that could present a problem for it, plus as a Spellcaster it meshes well with the rest of the "Magician" monsters and "Enlightenment Paladin" itself.

Traditional Format

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