• "Forbidden Scripture" can be used with this card to ensure one's own monster wins the battle, but only under the following conditions:
    • "Forbidden Scripture" must be activated first, with this card being activated as a higher Chain Link than "Forbidden Scripture" so that its effect won't be negated.
    • Although the opposing monster should have a current ATK that is higher than the ATK of one's battling monster (in order for "Clashing Souls" to be activated), that opposing monster should also have a lower original ATK than the other monster's original ATK (so that it will inevitably 'lose' this battle).
  • This card can be useful to activate when one's monster is battling that cannot be destroyed by battle, while the opponent's monster does not have such protection, which can pressure the opponent into paying enough LP for their monster to survive.
  • If one controls cards such as "Black Pendant", "Fuhma Shuriken", "Guerilla Kite", and/or "Xyz-Raypierce", and both players' LP are close enough to each other's as a result of this card's LP-paying effect, one may be able to goad the opponent into continually paying LP to 'win' the battle, whereupon the sent cards will finish off the opponent's LP with the damage they inflict.
    • With this in mind, this card can potentially be useful in a "Reversal Quiz" Deck, which can make use of the aforementioned cards. Even if the opponent decides not to pay LP to win the battle, this card can also serve as a means to reduce one's own LP enough for a combo with "Reversal Quiz" to finish them off.

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