• Note that this card's effect can only be activated if it is attacked. It cannot use its effect if your opponent is activating a card effect to destroy it. Consider cards that redirect attacks in order to force attacks against this monster.
  • Force your opponent to attack with cards like "Battle Mania" to potentially do a lot of damage.
    • Use cards like "Raregold Armor", "Patrician of Darkness" and "Shift" to force your opponent to attack this monster.
    • Reduce this monster's ATK with cards like "Alchemy Cycle". It will not be destroyed and the damage will not hurt, but it will greatly affect your opponent.
    • Using "The Dark Door" combined with "Battle Mania" will ensure your monster's safety in battle.
  • With this, it can protect yourself from "Ally of Justice Catastor" for two turns.
    • Not only that, with this monster, your opponent can be prevented from attacking if the damage they would take from doing so results in a loss. Something with high ATK like a "Chimeratech Overdragon" or a "Five-Headed Dragon" for example.

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