OCG/Traditional Format

  • Cards like "Field Barrier", "White Dragon Ninja", and "Malefic Stardust Dragon" will protect this card from even its own effect.
    • Adding "Appropriate" to this combo can severely limit your opponent's usage of this card. If your opponent chooses the first effect(Draw 1 card), you will draw 2 cards afterwards. They also won''t be able to choose the second effect(Destroy this card), since your protection card will save it. The opponent will also be reluctant to choose this card's third effect, since you will gain another 1000 LP.
  • After placing an important card on top of your Deck with "A Feather of the Phoenix", use this card's first effect to draw it.
  • After using this card's first effect, activate "Hope for Escape" to draw more cards.
  • This card is an alternative for "D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc" when there is a "Dark Contract" cards face-up on your field, provided this card is not destroyed at your opponent's Main Phase.
  • This card works best when used in a Deck that can also utilize other Field Spell Cards (along with "Terraforming"), so that this card's effect can be used and quickly replace it with another Field Spell to prevent your opponent from gaining this card's benefits.
    • This card can also be used either to replace/as substitute for "Upstart Goblin", or using both for more Deck-thinning capability.

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