• Using this card in tandem with "Naturia Rosewhip", "Medium of the Ice Barrier" or "Great Shogun Shien" severely limits your opponent's options when activating Spell/Trap Cards. They will only be able to use up to two each turn, as negated activations do not count towards the above cards' effects. If they attempt to "bait" this card's effect and use a more powerful card later, their "bait" card can simply be ignored and prevent them from playing their other card.
  • This card is easily Summoned in one turn simply by Special Summoning "Quickdraw Synchron" by discarding a monster card then Normal Summoning a Level 3 monster.
  • A good way of getting this card out is with "Quickdraw Synchron" and "Instant Fusion". Summon "Quickdraw" by its effect, and use "Instant Fusion" to get out a Level 3 Fusion Monster.

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