Primary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Arcanite Magician/Assault ModeEffect MonsterLIGHT99002300
Blizzard PrincessEffect MonsterWATER828002100
Cosmo QueenNormal MonsterDARK829002450
Dark Magician of ChaosEffect MonsterDARK828002600
Dark PaladinFusion MonsterDARK829002400
Dark SageEffect MonsterDARK928003200
Elemental Grace DoriadoEffect MonsterLIGHT900
Enlightenment PaladinSynchro MonsterDARK825002000
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden LordEffect MonsterDARK10?0
Gravekeeper's OracleEffect MonsterDARK1020001500
Gravekeeper's VisionaryEffect MonsterDARK820001800
Ice MasterEffect MonsterWATER825002000
Ice QueenEffect MonsterWATER829002100
Kuzunoha, the OnmyojinPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
The Legendary Exodia IncarnateEffect MonsterDARK10?0
Loki, Lord of the AesirSynchro MonsterDARK1033003000
Magician of Black ChaosRitual MonsterDARK828002600
Mythical Beast Master CerberusPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Nekroz of SophiaRitual MonsterLIGHT1136003400
Nekroz of ValkyrusRitual MonsterWATER829001700
Neos WisemanEffect MonsterLIGHT1030003000
Nirvana High PaladinSynchro Monster
Pendulum Monster
Performapal Laugh MakerPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal Odd-Eyes DissolverPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Silent Magician LV8Effect MonsterLIGHT835001000
Sorcerer of Dark MagicEffect MonsterDARK932002800
Sorciere de FleurEffect MonsterDARK829000
Supreme Arcanite MagicianFusion MonsterLIGHT1014002800
Testament of the Arcane LordsEffect MonsterLIGHT1030003000
Wheel of ProphecyEffect MonsterDARK827001700
Windwitch - Crystal BellFusion MonsterWIND828002400
World of ProphecyEffect MonsterLIGHT929002400

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