• It is possible to gather the Fusion Materials for this card's Summon using only "Ancient Gear Catapult" and "Geartown".
    1. The effect of "Catapult" destroys "Geartown" and Special Summons "Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" or "Ancient Gear Wyvern".
    2. "Geartown" can be used to Special Summon the other monster.
    3. "Wyvern" searches out "Ancient Gear Box".
    4. "Box" searches out an appropriate "Ancient Gear" monster.
    5. Activate the effect of "Hunting Hound" to Fusion Summon, using all stated here.
  • "Ojama Trio" can be used to produce a potential OTK with this card, since this card can inflict piercing battle damage.

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